Appraisals and Consignments

As one of the country’s largest piano dealers, Hall Piano Company comes into contact with many clients who, for various reasons, wish to sell their pianos. We can consign these pianos and offer them for sale through our consignment program.

Our active program offers customers an ever-changing assortment of unique and high quality pianos, often priced at thousands less than new.


Piano Consignment Benefits Both The Buyer And The Seller

Our consignment program is available to Any Seller of a High Quality Piano that’s condition can pass inspection and qualify. The Piano Consignment Program assures Secure Transfer of Ownership of a Tech Certified Quality Piano to Buyers. A Piano Warranty is provided by Hall Piano Company and the Seller is released from any responsibility or obligation to delivery, tune, service or repair their Consigned Piano, after it’s successful sale by the Hall Piano Company.

Consignment pianos are the property of their current owners – not Hall Piano Company. All pianos accepted for our consignment program have been structurally inspected and determined to meet our high standards of condition and performance – so you can buy with confidence!

Piano Consignment Selling Advantages & Buyer Benefits

Hall Piano Company’s Consignment Program offers more competitive selling advantages and benefits that are unavailable to sellers/buyers when selling a piano or buying a piano from a private party.  Almost every 10-Yr Piano Factory Warranty only applies to the Original Owner and is typically Non-Transferable.  Even if the piano is still within it’s Warranty Period, the factory warranty does not usually transfer to a new owner.


With every Benefit the Seller receives from Hall Piano Company’s Consignment Program, you will find that the Buyer also receives a benefit as well.

For Example:

  • Professional Piano Pick Up
  • Professional Piano Delivery
  • Piano can be Charged or Financed which affords more Buyers the capability to purchase the consigned Piano.
  • Piano is available 6 days a week during regular store hours.
  • Buyers can see and play the Piano at their convenience.
  • Sellers don’t need to set appointments and be available to show the Piano.
  • A Warranty is provided releasing the Seller from any after the sale responsibilities
  • Buyer or New Owner’s Piano is covered by a warranty providing confidence to the Buyer.
  • Valued at over $1,000, Sellers Piano is: Cleaned & Detailed, Inspected, Voiced, Regulated, Tuned, Tech Certified and Warranted.
  • Buyer and Seller are assured the Pianos quality and reliability.
  • Buyers save money by not having to hire a Piano Technician to check out the Piano before they decide to purchase it.
  • Sellers do not need to write and place ads or post their Piano for sale to the Internet.
  • Sellers do not have to deal with potential Scams, Ridiculous Offers or Bad Checks.
  • Sellers maintain their Home Privacy and Personal Safety.
  • Sellers save the tremendous amount of time it takes to Sell a Piano from their home.
  • Sellers and Buyers can rely on professional, knowledgeable Piano salespersons to handle the sale of the Piano properly.

Additionally, each consignment piano comes with Hall Piano Company’s exclusive 100% Trade-In/Trade-Up Warranty!  These instruments are on display for sale in our retail showroom and can be listed on our website if the seller so chooses.

What better place to sell your piano than in Louisiana’s most renowned piano store?


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