Designed by STEINWAY & SONS, employing the unique patents and expertise that have made the STEINWAY heritage synonymous with musical excellence, the Boston line of grands represent a singular achievement: a superior playing experience at a price level never before thought possible.


The best-in-class Boston grand just got even better. The new Boston Performance Edition II now features a luxurious Kewazinga Bubinga veneer on the inside rim (on Ebony finish grands) and a stunning rose-gold colored plate. We’ve also upgraded to black felts for the plate, under the fallboard, and around the pedals. A rescaled bass and treble wire lower string tension provides increased sustain, better tone clarity, and a deeper, clearer bass.

The Boston PE II also includes the major enhancements previously introduced with the original Performance Edition in 2009, including a maple inner rim (found only in the finest pianos) and the patented Octagrip™ pinblock. In combination, these enhancements further elevate the Boston Performance Edition II piano to a class by itself in the mid-price range.

“You can hear the effects of the Steinway & Sons

design from one end of the scale to the other.”




The special case of the grand piano, called the rim, reveals the design legacy of Steinway & Sons behind the Boston. The rim contributes to the stability of the piano, offering support for the soundboard. The outer rim consists of several layers of mahogany, and the inner rim of the Boston grand is made of hard rock maple. This high-quality hardwood is pressed with horizontally oriented grains, providing more stability, and exceptional power and richness of sound.

The wide-tail design of Boston grands is a special Steinway & Sons innovation that creates more surface area in the soundboard. This enriches the sound, giving the pianist the impression of playing on a larger piano. Boston grands are wider at the tail than most pianos of the same length — allowing a larger soundboard area and producing a richer sound. The larger soundboard area also permits better placement of the bass bridge — which yields more volume, greater tone, and a bass that sings.

High-grade, straight-grained, quarter-sawn spruce is used for its resonant qualities and for its high strength-to-mass ratio. The soundboard is solid and not laminated, creating the best resonance and projection of sound In 1936, Steinway patented the diaphragmatic soundboard, designed to be thicker in the middle and gently tapered to the edges. The Boston soundboard has tapered thickness from bass to treble. A thinner soundboard in the bass area vibrates more freely. So you get a bigger, richer, fuller tone.

One of many proprietary Steinway & Sons innovations, the patented Octagrip™ pinblock can only be found in Boston pianos. The Octagrip™ pinblock is made of 11 layers of hard rock maple glued in different grain angles of 60 degrees. This quad-directional structure grips the tuning pins from eight directions, ensuring a tight fit, uniform pressure, and smoother tuning — affording greater stability under tension and enabling the piano to stay in tune longer.

Every single piece of the piano vibrates while being played —except the plate, which is dedicated to a single function: ensuring total stability. Thanks to Steinway & Sons’ design expertise, based on its long history of research and innovation, this cast iron plate can withstand the nearly 20 tons of string tension created by the 220-plus individual strings.

Each of the 88 keys of a grand or upright piano transmits its movement to a small, felt-covered wooden hammer which strikes one, two or three strings. In 1880, Steinway & Sons introduced pear-shaped hammers with reinforced shoulders and metal ligatures to ensure superior stability and a more powerful sound. This exclusive Steinway & Sons design is also a part of Boston grand and upright pianos. Boston’s Steinway-type action geometry yields faster reptition, better stability, and heightened responsiveness — allowing the musician to play with maximum expression and control.

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Boston Grand Pianos

Designed by Steinway & Sons, Boston grand pianos offer superior playing performance at an affordable price. Hall Piano Company proudly offers a wide selection of Boston grand pianos to our customers in Metairie, the Greater New Orleans area, and throughout all of southeast Louisiana. Whether you are a professional musician or a weekend hobbyist, we can help you find the perfect piano to suit your tastes.

As the premier Steinway dealer in the region, take advantage of our access to these outstanding limited production pianos. Our customers can choose between different models—which is not always easy, because all Boston grand pianos are of exceptional quality in both sound and appearance.

Instruments in this inimitable line have several distinct advantages over competing models. Smaller in stature than the average grand piano, a Boston grand piano possesses the rich, resonant sound of a much larger instrument due to its technological and design features. However, despite all of these advantages, these amazing acoustic pianos remain extremely affordable. It is no wonder Boston grand pianos are popular with beginners and professional pianists alike.

At Hall Piano Company, our knowledgeable and friendly staff is committed to answering all of your questions related to piano sales, and our expert advice helps customers buy piano brands that best fit their needs and tastes. Please feel free to stop by our showroom during normal business hours to browse our impressive selection in person.

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