Wm. Knabe & Co. 5’9″ Grand Piano

This Knabe grand piano is a beautiful and well-crafted instrument that has stood the test of time. Made of high-quality materials and expertly designed, this piano has a warm, rich tone that is sure to impress even the most discerning pianists. The walnut satin finish gives it a classic, elegant look that is perfect for any home or performance space.  

Measuring 5’9″, it is a great size for both intimate and larger settings, and its used status means that it is an affordable option for those looking to invest in a quality instrument. Whether you are a professional musician or a passionate amateur, this Knabe grand piano is sure to provide you with years of enjoyment and inspiration.


Compare new: $24,900


Appraised: $12,900


Liquidation: Call or Text


Of course, the price also includes local delivery, tuning, matching bench, and Hall Piano Company’s exclusive 100% Trade-in Trade-up guarantee.



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