This week, First Baptist Church of New Orleans’ almost 4 year initiative to replace an aging concert grand in their sanctuary culminated with a trip to the Steinway & Sons factory in Queens, NY.  Since Steinway pianos are hand crafted as individuals as opposed to mass produced pianos, Steinway gives piano purchasers who are considering performance pianos (Model D or Model B) the option to come directly to the factory to hand-pick a piano that best meets their preferences.
In attendance to select the new Steinway Model D concert grand piano were Associate Pastor of Worship and Music Robert Comeaux, church pianist Kirk Branch, and church organist John Thibodaux.  “We looked at several different pianos, and although the Steinway was not the least expensive choice, it was the best instrument to invest in for the long term”, says Comeaux.  After taking a tour of the Steinway factory Tuesday morning, the selection committee made quick work of narrowing down the right piano.  Church pianist Kirk Branch says, “all of the pianos were beautiful, but I think we found one that will ultimately be the best fit for our congregation.”
Because each piano is created individually over a period of one year, the sound of each piano can be very different.  This is one of the reasons that the Steinway piano is the most in-demand piano on the concert stage.  98% of concert artists worldwide demand Steinway because of the tone, touch, and versatility that this hand crafted process promotes in each instrument.
The new piano will be debuted at the ever growing annual “Keyboards at Christmas” event due in part to assistance from The Steinway Society of New Orleans.  The Steinway Society will make its largest single recipient contribution in its history as a cash donation of over $11,000.  This non-profit organization has contributed in excess of $150,000 to local schools, churches, cultural arts organizations, non-profit organizations and individuals in need in the form of cash endowments, matching cash grants, scholarships and placement of instruments.   The “Keyboards at Christmas” event will be held at First Baptist Church of New Orleans on Sunday December 6th.  Please find additional detail concerning the event at:
Hall Piano Company and The Steinway Society of New Orleans would like to congratulate First Baptist Church of New Orleans on acquiring a world class concert piano that will serve the congregation in worship for many years to come.