Player Piano Recording


The best record technologies sense the movement of the keys continuously. This means they see the entire movement of the key up and down. That data can then be used to set trigger points and assign controller values, capturing the most accurate recording possible. The sensors also need to be non-invasive; in other words nothing affects the touch of the key,and there is no mechanical link to cause potential noise or breakage. Adding weight to the key is a way to add sensors but they modify the touch of the action and action repairs become a problem. There are several types of recording technologies currently used: flag, TFT (touch film technology), and optical. Flag, being the most popular and cheapest, is used by the Japanese and some Korean knock-offs of an early Gulbransen strip. TFT has a mechanical element to it and has been shown to be inaccurate. The only optimal solution is an optical sensor – but even these have issues unless you are able to filter out the noise from lights, smoke, radios and adjoining sensors. QRS’s patents speak to this capability – without it, the setup of an optic sensor is much too delicate a procedure and prone to hot notes, false triggers and erroneous events. PNOscan is by far the best product ever produced for recording a performance on an acoustic piano. Recently, popularity of long-distance learning has been on the rise, with off-the-shelf product accessories and software to make it happen. QRS’s systems are easily integrated into these setups if this is the direction you want to go.
PNOscan MIDI record strip is designed to be a valuable, high-performance solution for discerning musicians and composers yet is reasonably priced enough and practical for everyday use by piano students, music teachers or anyone who wants to save their piano performances or recitals. Recordings can be output as standard MIDI files or on the QRS Pianomation® player piano system for more dynamic playback.


Designed for easy installation.

The PNOscan MIDI record strip is extremely sleek and low profile, and easy to install. Traditional recording retrofit strips can require precise height positioning and occasional keyboard modifications. These steps are unnecessary with PNOscan’s optical technology. The PNOscan MIDI record strip now comes standard on all Story & Clark pianos. The PNOscan MIDI record strip can also be retrofitted on a piano you already own.