PNOscan MIDI Record Strip

Optical sensors record with meticulous precision

With the PNOscan™ MIDI record strip, you can augment your acoustic piano with 21st century digital technology, giving your acoustic piano the recording capabilities of a digital piano. Using state-of-the-art optical sensors that record every piano key and pedal motion with unparalleled accuracy and precision, the PNOscan MIDI record strip becomes the gateway to connecting your acoustic piano with the world of technology including computers, digital sound modules, and other MIDI recording devices.

Sustain, Soft and Sustenuto pedals are equipped with optical sensors to record precise levels of incremental movement to faithfully reproduce every pedaling action as well. Importantly, PNOscan™ MIDI record strip captures the full profile of movement of the piano key and pedal action over the course of a musical piece, providing a truly authentic recording of the expressive timing and dynamics of the individual pianist.

No interference to piano keyboard touch or response

PNOscan™ MIDI record strip uses optical sensors, eliminating the concern among discriminating musicians that the mechanical interference of traditional recording strips can change the touch or response of the piano keyboard. With the PNOscan™ MIDI record strip, there is no physical contact: optical sensors monitor the movement of each piano key, precisely capturing every detail of the original piano performance including the force, speed and duration of each note played.

A valuable tool for piano students and professionals

PNOscan™ MIDI record strip is designed to be a valuable high-performance solution for discerning musicians and composers yet is reasonably priced enough and practical for everyday use by piano students, music teachers or anyone who wants to save their piano performances or recitals. Recordings can be output as standard MIDI files or on the QRS Pianomation® player piano system for more dynamic playback.

Designed for easy installation

The PNOscan™ MIDI record strip is extremely sleek and low profile, and easy to install. Traditional recording retrofit strips can require precise height positioning and occasional keyboard modifications. These steps are unnecessary with PNOscan’s optical technology. The PNOscan™ MIDI record strip can also be retrofitted onto your new piano purchase or piano you already own.

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