Pro Keyboards

Hall Piano Company is southern Louisiana’s premier dealer for Kurzweil professional synthesizers and stage pianos.


  • Kurzweil Artis SE Stage Piano
    Kurzweil Artis SE Stage Piano
  • Kurzweil Artis Stage Piano
    Kurzweil Artis Stage Piano
  • Kurzweil CUP-320
    Kurzweil CUP-320
  • Kurzweil Forte Stage Piano
    Kurzweil Forte Stage Piano
  • Kurzweil Forte SE Stage Piano
    Kurzweil Forte SE Stage Piano
  • Kurzweil PC3K
    Kurzweil PC3K
  • Kurzweil PC3LE
    Kurzweil PC3LE
  • SP5-8
  • Roland RD-2000
    Roland RD-2000


Kurzweil Pro Keyboard Overview

PC3K Series

Kurzweil PC3K8

The Kurzweil PC3K series is the state of the art in Kurzweil performance controller technology. It represents the culmination of Kurzweil’s advanced synthesis hardware and software, combining all of the best aspects of the award-winning K-series (K2000, K2500, K2600) and PC-series (PC88, PC2X) and then adding even more improvements on top of that. A world-class sound set, VAST™ synthesis architecture that remains unparalleled in depth and flexibility, hugely powerful effects processing, and the addition of 128 MB of Flash sample memory make the PC3K series into what some in the music industry refer to as “the solid gold Swiss army knife” of professional keyboard sound and functionality.

PC3LE SeriesPC3LE8

The Kurzweil PC3LE series is the not-so-little brother to the PC3K. Sporting the same sound ROM and factory program set, these instruments provide every bit of detail and quality of their bigger brother the PC3K with an even more attractive price. Under the hood, the PC3LE runs on the same synthesis chip technology as the PC3K, but sports a more simplified, stream-lined operating system that makes tweaking and adjusting your sounds to fit your needs quicker and easier without getting bogged down in too much complexity. However, if you do want the full spectrum of editing capabilities, the PC3LE will happily accommodate your wishes (requires OS v2 and higher) and provide full VAST architecture editing.

SP5 SeriesKurzweil SP5-8

The Kurzweil SP5 takes over 800 factory presets of the PC3K series and marries the gorgeous sound quality of a high-end workstation with the simplicity and ease-of-use of a lightweight stage piano. Five sliders and a 3-tiered Shift button allow for quick and easy sound adjustment and parameter control. Quick Layer/Split ability allows you to create your own custom sound combinations with a minimum of button presses with up to 4 Zones worth of sounds. This multitimbral mode also allows for control of external MIDI modules, sequencers, or computer-based digital audio workstations.

SP4 SeriesKurzweil SP4-8

The Kurzweil SP4 series provides a best-of-the-best selection of sounds handpicked from the PC3 line of instruments for a very affordable, lightweight, easy to use stage piano instrument. Available in 88-note fully weighted (SP4-8) and 76-note semi-weighted (SP4-7) sizes, these instruments are the ultimate in portable sound quality, weighing in at under 40 pounds and 25 pounds, respectively. The SP4 series also features the same multitimbral Quick Layer/Split feature as its bigger brother, the SP5.