Piano Maintenance

The average piano is an incredibly complex machine. With thousands of moving parts, the elegant instrument requires regular attention to keep it looking and sounding its best. Here at Hall Piano Company, we provide comprehensive piano maintenance to residents in the Greater New Orleans area, Baton Rouge, and all of Southeast Louisiana. Let us take a moment to discuss the routine services we offer our valued customers.


 tuningLike any musical instrument, the more you play your piano, the faster it will fall out of tune. To restore the correct pitch and string tension, a professional piano technician must make the necessary adjustments. An extremely complicated procedure that can take well over an hour to complete, tuning should never be attempted by anyone other than a professional. Due to the local environment, particularly the humidity, we recommend having your piano tuned a minimum of once a year, but as needed in situations where the piano experiences heavier use such as a church, school, or other professional use environments.


 voicingEven when properly tuned, your piano may start to sound different over time. In particular, it may acquire a slightly brighter tone or “voice.” This change is caused by the compression of the once resilient hammer felts after repeatedly striking the strings. Because some pianists prefer a mellower tone, they may decide to have the voice adjusted every two or three years.


regulationWhen a piano loses responsiveness or “touch,” it means its keys are not transmitting pressure to the hammers that strike the strings as well as they once did. Our experienced technicians can correct this common problem through a process known as regulation. A piano that gets a normal amount of use in a non-professional environment generally requires regulation every two to three years.


cleaning Although you can handle some amount of exterior cleaning, you should never attempt to clean the inside of your piano on your own. The inside of this intricate machine should be cleaned by a professional. Many piano lovers also have their instruments professionally polished every few years.

Restoration & Rebuilding

Returning a woebegone piano to its former glory is both a challenge and a privilege for our talented repair and restoration professionals. No matter its current condition or state, our team will do their best to get it back in tip-top shape.

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