Better by Design.  Better by Steinway.

Essex EUP123FL

Hall Piano Co is please to announce
that we have received our first shipment of the newly redesigned Essex pianos including the highly anticipated model EUP-123 professional studio model and EGP161 Baby Grand featured in Exotic Kewazinga Bubinga satin lustre.  These models embody 29 of  the distinctive features that are unique to the Family of Steinway Designed Pianos.

The Steinway-designed Essex piano incorporates the latest design specifications and engineering standards from Steinway & Sons. In keeping with Steinway’s commitment to excellence, Steinway & Sons provides technical assistance for the production of Essex pianos, to insure that Essex pianos are made to the specifications established by Steinway. And every Essex instrument is inspected by a team of highly experienced Steinway & Sons trained technicians before it leaves the factory.

We invite you to make a first choice selection appointment to preview and select your new Steinway-Designed Essex piano today.  Contact Steve Kinchen either via phone @ 504-733-8863, or

Essex EGP161FEssex EUP116FC