The Story and Clark SCH5 with QRS PianoScan is a modern marvel of piano technology that combines the classic craftsmanship of a traditional piano with the convenience and versatility of cutting-edge digital features. The SCH5 features a high-quality soundboard and piano action that provide a rich, full-bodied tone that is both expressive and dynamic.

The QRS PianoScan technology allows the piano to be played in a variety of modes, including acoustic, MIDI, and digital, making it perfect for use in any setting, from the home to the recording studio.

One unique feature of the SCH5 is its ability to record and playback performances, (with your iPad or laptop) thanks to the QRS PianoScan system. This feature allows musicians to capture and review their playing, making it an ideal tool for practicing and honing one’s skills.

Whether you are a professional musician or a beginner, the Story and Clark SCH5 with QRS PianoScan is an innovative and versatile instrument that offers the best of both worlds: the timeless beauty of a traditional piano, and the convenience and flexibility of modern technology.

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