Summer Classes & Camps

Summer options for kids and adults!

  • Interested in supplementing your child’s musical education with some fun, social activity this summer?  Hall Piano Academy will be offering a series of specialized SUMMER CAMPS that will accommodate students ages 6-17. >>Click here for more information.
  • Has your child expressed interest in learning to play the piano? Our PIANO 101 FOR KIDS group class is the perfect fit! Designed for beginners, Piano 101 will go over the basics of learning to play the piano during a once-a-week, 6-week class. >>Click here for more information about Piano 101 for Kids.
  • For adults new to learning the piano or wishing to review the basics, our PIANO 101 FOR ADULTS group class is for you! Our 6-week summer session meets Tuesday nights at 7pm. >>To register and for more information, click here.