Hall Piano Company is pleased to announce that a selection committee representing  Tulane University’s Newcomb Department of Music traveled recently to the Steinway Factory in Long Island City, New York.  The purpose of the trip was to select a total of  2 Model D concert grands and 6 Model B Music Room pianos for the Music Department.

Selection efforts were interrupted by what turned out to be one of the longest blackout’s on the history of Queens, New York where the Steinway & Sons factory is located.  “In an effort to make us feel right at home, our friends in New York really out did themselves this time,” said Steve Kinchen, president and co owner of Hall Piano Company.  “For the past year we (New Orleanians) have all become somewhat accustomed to living conditions without the benefit of modern conveniences such as air conditioning, lights or even clean running water.  In this case, we all agree,  we would have preferred a cooler reception.”   Power was restored to the factory early Friday morning and the selection process was completed that afternoon.

While in New York, Professor Lushtak and Dr. Jazwinski also had the opportunity to tour the historic Steinway Hall and Morgan Library located  in Manhattan.

Hall Piano Company would like to personally thank everyone at Steinway & Sons, especially Sally Coveleskie and Peter Goodrich,  and Tulane University for making this unique factory selection an memorable one.  For more information regarding scheduling a factory selection for your institution, please contact Steve Kinchen via the following email or call us directly at 504-733-8863